Sep 12, 2020 - Economy

Of 922 powerful Americans, 180 are people of color

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Via The New York Times

A New York Times investigation found that of more than 900 powerful officials — including executives and prominent positions — only about 20% identify as people of color.

Why it matters: While 40% of Americans identify as Black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, multiracial or other, representation of those groups at the highest levels of corporate power is sparse, per the Times.

The investigation found:

  • "Of the people at the top of the 25 highest-valued companies, 6 are Asian or Black."
  • "Of the people who head universities ranked in the top 25, 1 is Hispanic."
  • "15 people direct major news organizations. 3 are Black or Hispanic."
  • "The 5 people who have the most influence over book publishing are all white."
  • "The people who edit the 10 most-read magazines are all white."
  • "14 people influence most of the music that is produced and played. 2 are Black or Hispanic."
  • "25 people run the top TV networks and Hollywood studios. 3 are Black or Hispanic."
  • "Of the people in charge of the 25 highest-valued fashion companies, 3 are Asian or Hispanic."
  • "99 people own professional baseball, basketball and football teams. 6 are Asian, Black or Hispanic."
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