Aug 26, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Eric Trump says Democrats view the U.S. as "the source of the world's problems"

The president's son Eric Trump tore into Democrats Tuesday evening, saying the party believes "America is the source of the world's problems" during his GOP Convention speech.

Details: "As a result, they believe the only path forward is to erase history and forget the past. They want to destroy the monuments of our forefathers ... They want to disrespect our National Anthem by taking a knee, while our armed forces lay down their lives every day to protect our freedom," he said.

  • "The Democrats want to defund, destroy, and disrespect our law enforcement. The Democrats want an America where your thoughts and opinions are censored when they do not align with their own," Eric Trump continued.
  • He also claimed Joe Biden "has pledged to defund the police and take away your cherished Second Amendment."

Reality check: Biden supports the Second Amendment. While some Democrats have advocated for reinvesting funds from police departments into community resources, Biden and his campaign have made it clear he does not support defunding the police.

What else he's saying: Eric Trump called Biden a "career politician who has never signed the front of a check and does not know the slightest thing about the American worker or the American business — the engine which fuels the greatest economy the world has ever known."

  • "The same politician who is a total pushover for Communist China and someone who would be a giant relief for the terrorists who’ve now spent years running, hiding, and being taken out by the most talented military known to man," he said.

Worth noting: Part of the Trump campaign's agenda is to hit Biden for being "soft" on China.

  • Biden denounced the Chinese government's oppression of Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities in the northwest region of Xinjiang as "genocide" on Tuesday.
  • The president has taken action to sanction China over Beijing's national security law for Hong Kong. But he told Axios' Jonathan Swan in June that he held off on imposing sanctions against Chinese officials over Xinjiang's detention camps as it would have interfered with his Beijing trade negotiations.
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