Aug 11, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Trump says Kamala Harris was "extraordinarily nasty" to Brett Kavanaugh

In his first public comments since Joe Biden selected Sen. Kamala Harris to be his running mate, President Trump said Harris was "the meanest, the most horrible, most disrespectful" of any senator during Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings.

Why it matters: Harris, a former prosecutor who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, elevated her national profile significantly after grilling Kavanaugh in September 2018 about allegations of sexual assault. The highly contentious hearings ultimately did not stop Kavanaugh from getting confirmed by the Republican-controlled Senate.

What he's saying: "She was my No. 1 draft pick, and we'll see how she works out. She did very, very poorly in the primaries, as you know. She was expected to do well. And she ended up right around 2%," Trump said at a press briefing.

  • "So I was a little surprised he picked her. I've been watching her for a long time and I was a little surprised," he continued.
  • "She was extraordinarily nasty to Kavanaugh, Judge Kavanaugh, now Justice Kavanaugh. She was nasty to a level that was just a horrible thing the way she was, the way she treated now-Justice Kavanaugh. And I won't forget that soon."

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