Jul 28, 2020 - Politics & Policy

"I don't really want to go there": Fauci pushes back on critical Trump retweets

Anthony Fauci told ABC's "Good Morning America" on Tuesday that he has "not been misleading the American public" after President Trump retweeted critical comments about him Monday night.

What he's saying: "I don't tweet, I don't even read them. So I don't really want to go there. I just will continue to do my job no matter what comes out, because I think it's very important," Fauci told George Stephanopoulos.

  • "I have not been misleading the American public under any circumstances," he added.

The big picture: Trump also shared a video baselessly promoting hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus cure that had previously been removed from Facebook, per the Washington Post.

  • The FDA ended its emergency use authorization last month.
  • Fauci, who has said that the medicine is ineffective toward treating coronavirus in the past, reiterated that stance during the interview.

The state of play: Fauci has been embroiled in an ongoing war of words with the White House in recent weeks over his early handling of the pandemic.

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