May 12, 2020 - Health

Russia reports most coronavirus cases outside the U.S.

In this image, a person in a hazmat suit puts a blanket around the shoulders of a man holding a cross

A medical worker and patient after conducting a computed tomography scan in Khimki, Russia, on May 12. Photo: Sergei Bobylev\TASS via Getty Images

Russia is reporting the most novel coronavirus cases in the world outside of the U.S., per Johns Hopkins data.

The big picture: Russia first reported a surge of more than 35,000 cases between April 30 and May 3. The country has reported more than 2,100 deaths as of Tuesday afternoon, a significantly lower number than the other most-affected countries such as Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesperson and close adviser Dmitry Peskov was recently hospitalized after testing positive for the coronavirus, following positive tests for several other senior officials, including Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

Between the lines: China has reported fewer infections and deaths than other countries battling COVID-19, but its reporting has encountered considerable skepticism from the CIA and leaders around the world.

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