May 5, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Trump slams "loser" Lincoln Project Republicans for new coronavirus attack ad

Photo: Erin Schaff-Pool/Getty Images

President Trump lashed out on Twitter early Tuesday morning against the Lincoln Project after the anti-Trump group of Republican operatives released an ad, titled "Mourning in America," directly attacking the president's coronavirus response.

Why it matters: The Lincoln Project, which includes Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway's husband, George Conway, has been attempting to provoke the president with its provocative ad strategies — and it finally succeeded.

  • Members also include John Weaver, a strategist for John Kasich's 2016 run who also worked on John McCain's 2008 and 2000 campaigns, and Rick Wilson, a Republican political strategist who was one of the leading figures in the "Never Trump" movement during the 2016 election.
  • The ad references a famous 1984 re-election spot from President Ronald Reagan.

What he's saying: "A group of RINO Republicans who failed badly 12 years ago, then again 8 years ago, and then got BADLY beaten by me, a political first timer, 4 years ago, have copied (no imagination) the concept of an ad from Ronald Reagan, 'Morning in America,' doing everything possible to get even for all of their many failures."

  • "You see, these loser types don’t care about 252 new Federal Judges, 2 great Supreme Court Justices, a rebuilt military, a protected 2nd Amendment, biggest EVER Tax & Regulation cuts, and much more."
  • "They don’t know how to win, and their so-called Lincoln Project is a disgrace to Honest Abe. I don’t know what Kellyanne did to her deranged loser of a husband, Moonface, but it must have been really bad. John Weaver lost big for Kasich (to me). Crazed Rick Wilson lost for Evan 'McMuffin' McMullin (to me)."

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