Feb 6, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Fox's Brian Kilmeade: Pelosi is “emotionally losing it”

“Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's statements about President Trump's acquittal and her disapproval of his State of the Union address qualified as “emotionally losing it.”

The big picture: Since Trump's State of the Union, Pelosi accused him of using Congress as a "backdrop for a reality show." After the speech on Tuesday, the House speaker was also seen ripping a copy of the president's transcript for the evening.

  • Trump punched back at Pelosi on Thursday, insinuating she used her faith as a false justification for impeachment.

What he's saying:

"Compare Mitch McConnell — you could say the worst thing to Mitch McConnell, and if you're Donald Trump, it doesn't phase him. Everyone makes fun of him. ... He keeps his eye on the objective. Nancy Pelosi is letting the emotion get the best of her. And I don't want to get into gender, it has nothing to do with gender. ... But she's emotionally losing it"
— Brian Kilmeade

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