College students' 2020 picks don't differ much from older generations

Data: College Reaction online survey of 1,052 U.S. college students, April 4-8. Margin of error ±3.0. Chart: Chris Canipe/Axios

Cyrus Beschloss — a Williams College graduating senior who is the founder and CEO of College Reaction, a clever startup that captures opinion and news from the college demographic — shared his group's latest poll with Axios first. 

Our thought bubble, from Axios editor in chief Nicholas Johnston: For all the talk about young voters charting the course, their preferences line up pretty much with the older folks. So don't look for them to propel some new candidate to the forefront — though they do trend very Dem.

P.S. ... A Harvard Institute of Politics Youth Poll out this morning finds voters between 18 and 29 are experiencing anxiety as much as joy:

  • "By wide margins, younger Americans do not believe that the Baby Boomer generation, especially elected officials, ... 'care about people like them.'"
  • "Half of young Americans experience anxiety, and it is correlated with views related to state of our nation."

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