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2020 presidential election: Track which candidates are running

We're less than 400 days out from the Iowa Caucuses, and even a casual observer can see a ton of action on the Democratic presidential primary front.

Graphic: Naema Ahmed, Aïda Amer and Haley Britzky /Axios

The Democrats who have already taken their names out of the running after speculation that they'd join the pack: Michael Avenatti, Deval Patrick and Tom Steyer.

The latest:

  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar announced she would be running at a snowy rally in Minnesota on Sunday.

The big picture: Expect an arms race of big ideas over the coming year.

  • There's a groundswell of Democratic support for candidates who will push socialized health care and major action on climate change and who will break with centrism on immigration and social issues.
  • This will extend to campaign finance, racial justice, drug legalization, voting rights and how to dismantle the Trump administration's legacy (as Trump did to Obama).

Be smart: Every single indicator is going off that this will not be a friendly election to milquetoast or moderation.

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