Dec 4, 2019 - Economy & Business

The strange bedfellows opposing drug-pricing bills across the U.S.

A group opposing drug pricing measures around the country includes major pharmaceutical companies as well as large construction-industry unions, the New York Times reports — strange bedfellows, to say the least.

Why it matters: Ads run by the Pharmaceutical Industry Labor-Management Association may confuse public perception of the nature of opposition to drug-pricing measures.

  • For example, the group ran Facebook ads against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's drug-pricing bill, although the bill is supported by many major labor groups.

Between the lines: Unions have an interest in lowering prescription drug prices, both as a way to relieve the stress of high out-of-pocket drug spending and of lowering total health costs.

  • The group's executive director said that its focus is on union construction jobs. Its positions are similar to those of the drug industry.

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