Oct 10, 2019 - Economy & Business

Bernie Sanders felt symptoms for weeks, will release medical records

Sen. Bernie Sanders told CNN on Thursday that he felt symptoms weeks ahead of his heart attack that he "should have paid more attention" to, and he will release his medical records "at the appropriate time."

SANDERS: "what I do kick myself a little bit about, and I hope people understand this and hear this, is that I should have paid more attention to some of the symptoms that were occurring. You know, when you do 4 rallies a day and you run all over the country, you get tired, everybody would get tired. But I was more tired than I usually have been, had more trouble sleeping than ordinarily. Occasionally, I would be up there at the podium and I would feel a little bit unsteady. You know, one time I was just lifting, literally holding the mic up to my mouth and my arm hurt. I should have paid more attention to those symptoms. So, I hope that people learn from my mistake."

CNN's SANJAY GUPTA: "It's such an important point, the symptoms you're describing may not be classic sort of symptoms, but left arm pain, some of this stuff were indicators. In retrospect, how long had you had symptoms, Senator?"

SANDERS: "I think, probably, it's hard to say, because, as I said, when you're running around the country, you're tired. What else is new, you're going to be tired. I would say several weeks, anyhow, and I should have paid more attention."

The big picture: Sanders has been recovering from a heart attack that has taken him off the campaign trail. While he originally suggested he would be slowing the pace of his 2020 presidential campaign, he since said he "misspoke," and told Gupta he plans to run a "vigorous campaign."

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