Sep 7, 2019 - Science

Emergency aid pours into the Bahamas following Dorian's destruction

Homes wrecked in Hurricane Dorian's aftermath in the Bahamas

Photo: Jose Jimenez/Getty Images

Cruise ships, charities and international relief organizations are rushing to deliver aid to the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian battered the Caribbean country, leaving at least 76,000 people in need of urgent support, according to the United Nations.

The state of play: Dorian has destroyed at least 13,000 homes and led to extensive flooding in the Abaco Islands, believed to have contaminated wells with saltwater, and resulted in "an urgent need for clean water," per the International Red Cross. The rush to provide aid to the country has begun with numerous organizations and individuals offering to donate goods and resources.

The cost of the damages: Preliminary estimates value damages in the billions of dollars for the Bahamas.

Who has helped:

  • The UN arranged for 8 tons of food to be sent to the Bahamas Sept. 5 as part of a $5.4 million overall funding package. A UN hub in Panama is also preparing an airlift to drop off storage units, generators and and more.
  • USAID is on the ground in the Bahamas after the Trump administration requested “airlift and logistics support” from the Defense Department, reports the Miami Herald. The agency has delivered food and water.
  • Britain's Royal Fleet Auxiliary delivered food and water, per BBC.
  • Award-winning chef José Andrés and his nonprofit World Central Kitchen have been in the capital Nassau, with plans to help feed and cook for people impacted by the storm, reports the Washington Post.
  • American Airlines pledged to deliver over 16,000 pounds of relief aid.
  • The Celebrity Equinox cruise ship delivered 10,000 meals prepared by staff and guests, per NBC.
  • The Disney Cruise Line has pledged more than $1 million to help hurricane relief efforts, as well as drop off food with plans for future deliveries.
  • Royal Caribbean delivered more than 43,000 water bottles, 10,000 meals and generators with plans to send more.
  • Rapper and actor Ludacris announced all the proceeds from his LudaDay Weekend event go to the Bahamas. He said over $100,000 was raised.

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