Aug 26, 2019 - Technology

Consumer groups seek to defend California data privacy law

A collection of consumer groups has written a letter to California lawmakers urging them to keep the strong protections in a state law due to take effect next year.

Why it matters: The California law, if left largely as is, could usher in a range of new consumer protections. However, direct marketers and tech companies, working through various entities, have been seeking to water down the law.

The latest: A coalition of 10 consumer groups has written to California State Senate leader Toni Atkins encouraging legislators to explore the background of the Nonprofit Alliance, a group that has been pushing to have the law weakened.

"We are asking that the Nonprofit Alliance release their financial information; explain their ties to corporate donors; and clarify their leadership, mission, and membership."
— The groups write in a letter

Among those signing the letter:

  • ACLU of California, Center for Digital Democracy
  • Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood
  • Consumer Action
  • Common Sense
  • Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

The big picture: The threat of the California law has been the biggest impetus pushing Congress to take federal action. Any weakening of California's law could reduce the pressure on Congress to act.

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