Aug 3, 2019

House Dems cross impeachment support milestone, Pelosi tries to dampen momentum

Mike Allen

Nancy Pelosi. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Impeachment whip counts by Axios and other news organizations yesterday passed the milestone of a majority — just over half — of House Democrats in favor: 118 of 235.

Catch up quick: An average of a name a day has been added in July, in what we told you in Axios PM has been an impeachment slow drip.

  • Speaker Pelosi, trying to tamp down the momentum, issued a "Progress of House Investigations" statement yesterday with these headings: "Litigations ... Legislation ... Investigation."

What we're watching: August town halls back home in swing and freshman districts, with national progressive groups whipping up local fervor, will help decide whether impeachment pressure on House leaders continues to build.

  • The pro-impeachment group Need to Impeach is running television ads and fanning out to congressional districts to push lawmakers, AP reports.

What's next, from Axios' Zach Basu: Court battles over Mueller materials will stretch at least deep into fall.

  • So if Speaker Pelosi wants to slow the impeachment train down, she could insist those battles play out before an impeachment decision.
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