Jun 13, 2019 - Health

Ted Cruz and AOC could form an alliance on over-the-counter birth control

This image is a split screen of Ted Cruz speaking on the left and AOC listening on the right.

Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Photos: Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images; Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appear to agree that birth control should be available over the counter.

Reality check: Experts say this would be the FDA's call. And the thornier issue is whether insurance would cover it if such a change is made.

  • That's something that Congress can decide.
  • The Affordable Care Act requires prescribed birth control to be provided without cost-sharing. So while removing the need for a prescription could make contraception more accessible, it could also end up making it more expensive.

What he's saying: Responding to an AOC tweet advocating for the policy, Cruz tweeted, "I agree. Perhaps ... we can team up here as well. A simple, clean bill making birth control available over the counter. Interested?"

What we're watching: Other Democrats also jumped into the Twitter conversation to tell Cruz that they're introducing over-the-counter birth control legislation. "We'd all love to have your support," Sen. Patty Murray tweeted.

What's next: Cruz and a spokesperson from AOC's staff confirmed the two are coordinating in person, reports Politico. Legislation is in the works and they hope to introduce it soon.

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