Jun 11, 2019 - Politics & Policy

Pelosi: House Democrats "not even close" to supporting impeachment

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told CNN's Manu Raju on Tuesday that the numbers in the Democratic caucus "are not even close" to move forward with impeaching President Trump, and that victories in court and concessions from the Justice Department on the Mueller report should be satisfying to Democrats.

RAJU: "If a majority of your caucus wants to go forward with an impeachment inquiry, would you go forward?"
PELOSI: "It's not even close in our caucus."
RAJU: "But eventually?"
PELOSI: "Why are we speculating on hypotheticals. What we're doing is winning in court. We won a victory getting the documents from the Justice Department today, for fear of further going to court, although we're still going to hold the attorney general in contempt today. ... Nothing is as divisive in our country, in my view, than impeachment."

Why it matters: Pelosi's stance has been unwavering, and even if more House Democrats support impeachment than have said so publicly, the caucus will not move forward unless they have the speaker's approval.

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