Jun 10, 2019 - Technology

Aurora, Fiat Chrysler collaborating to develop self-driving commercial vehicles

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Aurora will be teaming up to develop self-driving commercial vehicles, according to statements released by the companies.

Why it matters: Commercial vehicles are likely the first major target of autonomous vehicle developers due to the potential for autonomous deliveries. FCA CEO Mike Manley wrote in a statement that "Aurora brings a unique skillset combined with advanced and purposeful technology that complements and enhances [FCA's] approach to self-driving.”

  • The companies plan to utilize the Aurora Driver in FCA's line of commercial vehicles, which they say will provide a number of custom solutions for commercial vehicles "at a time when changing lifestyles and online shopping patterns are creating logistical opportunities."
  • The deal comes after FCA abruptly announced it had ended talks with Renault last week.
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