Feb 21, 2019 - Politics & Policy

"I see the value of markets": Elizabeth Warren on why she's a capitalist

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders

Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Photo: Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

In an interview with Pod Save America's Tommy Vietor airing Thursday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren explained why she — unlike fellow senator and 2020 candidate Bernie Sanders — has chosen to identify as a "Democrat capitalist," rather than a "democratic socialist."

"I see the value of markets and that they can produce a lot of good if they have rules. But let us all be clear: Markets without rules are theft and I am opposed to theft. There is a reason that the folks on Wall Street, the big CEOs, don't want me to even be in the Senate. ... Because I get how the system works and how it can work when it works right. And how these are the guys who are ripping it off and make it not work."

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