Nov 28, 2018 - Politics & Policy

Reality check: Examining Trump's wild morning of retweets

Donald Trump surrounded by media.

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President Trump had a busy Wednesday morning on Twitter, retweeting a number of tweets from parody and fan accounts.

Why it matters: Trump's Twitter is his favorite form of direct communication to the American people — former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer once called Trump's tweets "official statements" — yet the accounts he retweeted are littered with controversial statements, inaccuracies and misinformation.

The retweets

Reality check: Along with a host of prominent Democrats, one of the individuals accused of treason in this tweet is Trump's own Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — as well as Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The big picture: GM has been on Trump's mind since its decision to idle four plants in the U.S. and cut 15% of its salaried workforce. He tweeted Tuesday that he is looking at ending electric vehicle subsidies for the automaker.

  • As Axios' Dan Primack notes, there are no GM-specific electric vehicle subsidies. Instead, there are industrywide federal tax credits of up to $7,500 on EVs purchased in the United States. Trump also could not end the credits without the help of Congress, which soon will have a Democrat-controlled House.

Reality check: The $3,874 figure appears to be from a debunked internet rumor about payments received by refugees in Canada. According to the Refugee Cash Assistance program, a family of two in the U.S. that is not working and eligible for the program receives $420 a month for the first eight months.

The backdrop: Trump said earlier this month that migrants throwing rocks at border agents and military personnel that he sent to the border would constitute lethal action: "They want to throw rocks at our military, our military fights back. We're going to consider it — I told them, consider it a rifle."

Reality check: This is a parody account of Vice President Mike Pence.

Reality check: In this clip, Clinton is calling out the interviewer for confusing prominent African-American Democrats Eric Holder and Cory Booker, insinuating that the interviewer thinks "they all look alike."

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