Sep 26, 2018 - Technology

Amazon to open general store in New York with spotlight on popular products

Amazon logo on the side of one of its stores

A portion of the sign advertising Amazon Go outside the grocery store's location in Seattle. Amazon announced it will be opening a general merchandise store in New York City. Photo: David Ryder/Getty Images

Amazon announced it will open a general store in New York City that will sell toys, household goods and some of its other top-selling products, Reuters reports.

Why it matters: The e-commerce giant already accounts for nearly 50% of the e-commerce market, with a recent survey showing the reality of Amazon's untouchable advantage against other retail companies. Now, the company is continuing its push to satisfy customers with physical locations.

The details: The store, which will be called "Amazon 4-star," will use data on New York customers to help inform what products it carries and will only stock its shelves with items that received 4-star reviews or higher on the site.

  • Like in Amazon's bookstores, two prices will be listed for each item, with Prime members able to pay the lower, online prices in store.
  • Customers will also be able to test a number of Amazon's devices, including those that work with Alexa.
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