Feb 4, 2017 - Politics & Policy

What you need to know about President Trump

Trump 101: What he means by "America first"

  • You hear "populism" all the time, but that's the wrong label for President Trump's vague ideology. A better one: America-first, Trump-style nationalism.

Trump 101: The producer of his own epic film

  • President Trump doesn't view life through the lens that most people do. In ways small and sweeping, he sees himself as The Producer, conducting The Trump show, on and off stage.

Trump 101: What he reads and watches

  • President Trump spends substantial time and energy ridiculing the media. He spends even more time consuming —and obsessing about — it.

Trump 101: He plans rapid, radical gutting of government regulations

  • One of the most fervent, but least discussed, elements of President Trump's master plan is the deconstruction of the regulatory state — hobbling EPA, Interior, Energy and more in a bid to — as aides see it— "open up the animal spirits of the economy."
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