Jul 21, 2017 - Technology

What a world without drivers will look like


What will it look like when fully autonomous vehicles take over the roads? Forrester has some predictions in a new report:

  • Platoons of autonomous trucks will replace human-driven freight, especially on long-haul routes, as soon as it is technologically and legally possible. (David wrote about the implications of this a while back.)Your insurance bill may stay high. Sure, human error will be taken out of the equation. But all those high-tech sensors and software will make it more difficult to decipher what's to blame when something goes wrong, per CNET. (We're not so sure about this: Other people think that the cost of insurance will be baked into the car price because drivers won't really be at fault).Your commute will be bombarded with ads. Advertisers and media companies will compete for a spot inside the new vehicle experience and big brands will sponsor rides.

Bottom line: As Forrester puts it, "We predict that by 2035, the global economy will be unrecognizably different

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