Feb 5, 2017 - Health

Trump pre-Super Bowl interview; picks Pats by 8

Fox News

Here are the key parts of Trump's interview with Bill O'Reilly during the Super Bowl pre-game show:

  • Relationship with Russia: "I say it's better to get along with Russia than not... And if Russia helps us in the fight against ISIS, which is a major fight, and Islamic terrorism all over the world -- that's a good thing... Will I get along with him? I have no idea."
  • Pressed about Putin's history of violence: "There are a lot of killers. We've got a lot of killers. What do you think? Our country's so innocent?"
  • Millions of illegal votes: "Forget about that." Trump said there were many problems with registration rolls; dead people, people registered in more than one state, non-citizens
  • Is Mexico corrupt? Trump didn't go as far to label them as corrupt, but he did admit that "they have problems controlling aspects of their country." He added that "the drugs and cartels are number one."
  • When will see tax reform kick in? Americans can expect a tax cut by the end of 2017
  • On whether new healthcare law will be rolled out this year: "We're in the process" of replacing Obamacare now, he said. But it might take until next year. "It's very complicated," he added.

Final question from O'Reilly: "You get 4 hours of sleep... when you head into the pillow do you ever say to yourself "'I cant believe I'm president of the United States?'"

  • Trump: "I must tell you, the other day i walked into the main entrance of the White House and I thought to myself, this is amazing... "It's sort of surreal, but you have to get over it because there's so much work to do."

One fun thing: Who's going to win the Super Bowl?

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