Feb 8, 2017 - Politics & Policy

The takeaways from Spicer's Wednesday press briefing

Carolyn Kaster / AP

  • POTUS' tweet attacking Nordstrom for pulling Ivanka: Spicer called Nordstrom's actions an "attack" on Ivanka and said it's a move to "undermine her name based on particular policies that her father has taken."
  • And the timing of that tweet: "He was free when that happened," not in the midst of the presidential daily briefing as his published schedule had implied.
  • On the Yemen raid: "Anybody who undermines the success of that raid owes an apology and is a disservice to the life of Chief [Ryan] Owens." Spicer says that sentiment applies to anyone, even John McCain, who characterized the raid as a failure. Spicer on the raid last week: "I think it's hard to ever say something was successful when you lose a life."
  • Japan PM's trip to Mar-a-Lago: Spicer didn't know who'd be paying for Shinzo Abe to spend the weekend at Trump's club in Florida.
  • Obamacare delays: "I think its a mammoth thing to repeal and replace...While the president wants to get this done as soon as possible, he wants to get it done right."
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