Feb 25, 2017 - Politics & Policy

The best of this week in Axios

Rebecca Zisser / Axios

This weekend, catch up on some of Axios' best pieces of the week:

  1. Mike Allen's preview of a New Yorker article on how we could lose the cold war.
  2. Dan Primack talked with Twitter founder and Square CEO Jack Dorsey about how to be a successful tech company in the age of Trump.
  3. Uber had a really bad week.
  4. Obamacare kept getting more popular... sort of.
  5. We tracked the explosion of right-wing media companies over the last few years.
  6. We looked at what Trump has gotten most right and most wrong.
  7. We buried the click.
  8. We gave Trump some advice for his big reset opportunity, and found out how he's planning to handle it.
  9. The outsourcing problem isn't exactly what Trump thinks it is.
  10. We discovered whose jobs will be lost to robots.
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