Bob Herman Jul 31
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Why the ACA markets could actually collapse — with Trump's help

Alan Diaz / AP

Health insurers are getting awfully close to hitting the panic button. Now that the Republican push to partially repeal the Affordable Care Act has fallen apart, industry groups desperately hope Congress can move quickly to patch the problems in the ACA marketplaces. The highest priority, by far, is funding the law's cost-sharing subsidies — the payments to insurers that help reduce deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs for low-income people.

The overhanging problem: President Trump threatened to cut off those subsidies yet again over the weekend, which experts say would force insurers to leave and would lead to an immediate collapse of the individual markets. And now, in the wake of the Republican repeal blunder, the industry is worried Trump will be more impulsive and follow through on his latest warning.