Nov 19, 2019

White House releases memo on Trump medical center physical exam

President Trump in the Rose Garden of the White House. Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images

The White House tweeted a memorandum from President Trump's physician on Monday evening about his weekend checkup, denying reports that he had any chest pain or that he was treated for any "acute or urgent issues."

Driving the news: As speculation swirled about an undisclosed medical condition following his visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Trump tweeted that everything was "very good (great!)" following his "yearly physical," and White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said he's "healthy and energetic without complaints."

What they're saying: The New York Times reported that Trump's two-hour medical examination over the weekend was not on his schedule, unlike his February checkup. Dr. Sean Conley, a Navy officer who is the president’s physician, "released scant details" about the physical, unlike the doctor of former President Obama, the NYT noted.

  • CNN reported that Trump's visit to Walter Reed "did not follow the protocol of a routine presidential medical exam."
  • Andrew Vernon, a contributor to the Hill, tweeted, "Sources tell me from Walter Reed the President was being checked out for chest discomfort."

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Add-on expenses for medical students pile up

The cost of medical school is a barrier to diversity in the medical profession, The New York Times reports.

Why it matters: Diversity among doctors hasn't moved much between 1988 and 2017, according to data from the Association of American Medical Colleges. More than three-quarters of American medical school students came from affluent households.

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Obama aides dispute leaving Trump staff "you will fail" notes

Stephanie Grisham and President Trump. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Former President Obama's aides denied a claim made by Trump administration press secretary Stephanie Grisham on Tuesday that they left disparaging notes in the White House for incoming staff.

Driving the news: Grisham said in a radio interview that upon arriving at the White House, "every office was filled with Obama books and we had notes left behind that said, 'You will fail,' and 'You aren’t going to make it.'" She has yet to present evidence to support her claim.

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Trump repeats Ukraine conspiracy theory on 53-minute "Fox & Friends" call

Screenshot via Fox News

President Trump spent 53 minutes of his Friday morning on the phone with the hosts of "Fox & Friends" — his latest call-in to one of his favorite TV shows.

Driving the news: President Trump spent a chunk of the interview repeating a debunked conspiracy theory that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 presidential election. "That's what the word is," he claimed without evidence.

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