Feb 21, 2017

What to know from the DHS immigration memos

Evan Vucc / AP

Today the Department of Homeland Security released two memos, signed by Secretary John Kelly, which outline how the DHS will roll out President Trump's immigration executive orders from last month.

  1. DREAMers are left alone, the only immigration policy carry over from the Obama administration.
  2. There's a new office for victims of violence by immigrants: Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office, (VOICE), will work with victims of illegal immigrants, giving them updates on the status of their attackers and answering any questions or concerns they have. President Trump has often pointed to incidents where U.S. citizens have been victimized by undocumented immigrants as reasons to implement tougher immigration reform.
  3. Deportation priority is given to convicted criminals: But non-criminal illegal aliens are still subject to deportation. Exemptions are on a case-by-case basis.
  4. About those immigrant roundups: Although the memo allows Department personnel "to arrest or apprehend an alien whom an immigration officer has probable cause to believe is in violation of the immigration laws," DHS officials told WSJ that there would not be any roundups of law-abiding undocumented immigrations.
  5. Hiring: 5,000 border control officers and 10,000 ICE officers. Currently, there are about 20,000 border control officers, according to Politifact, and ICE has more than 20,000 employees, according to their website. Spicer said Tuesday he didn't know where the money would come to pay for these hires, but the administration and Congress would work to figure it out.
  6. Parents who help bring their children to the U.S. illegally will face prosecution.
  7. And about the wall: It's going to be built, but the memos don't clarify that it has to be a literal wall across the entire border. It calls for the wall to be built in "the most appropriate locations" and with the "appropriate materials and technology to most effectively achieve operational control of the border."
  8. There won't be National Guard involvement: The memo empowers local law enforcement to act as immigration officers, but DHS officials told reporters on Tuesday that National Guard troops won't be deployed to round up immigrants.

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Coronavirus dashboard

Illustration: Axios Visuals

  1. Global: Total confirmed cases as of 8 a.m. ET: 1,131,713 — Total deaths: 59,884 — Total recoveries: 233,591Map.
  2. U.S.: Total confirmed cases as of 8 a.m. ET: 278,458 — Total deaths: 7,159 — Total recoveries: 9,897Map.
  3. Public health latest: The CDC is recommending Americans wear face coverings in public to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. The federal government will cover the costs of COVID-19 treatment for the uninsured, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said.
  4. 2020 latest: "I think a lot of people cheat with mail-in voting," President Trump said of the 2020 election, as more states hold primaries by mail. Montana Gov. Steve Bullock said Friday that every county in the state opted to expand mail-in voting for the state's June 2 primary.
  5. Business updates: America's small business bailout is off to a bad start. The DOT is urging airlines to refund passengers due to canceled or rescheduled flights, but won't take action against airlines that provide vouchers or credits.
  6. Oil latest: The amount of gas American drivers are consuming dropped to levels not seen in more than 25 years, government data shows. Trump is calling on the Energy Department to find more places to store oil.
  7. Tech updates: Twitter will allow ads containing references to the coronavirus under certain use cases.
  8. U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt: Senators call for independent investigation into firing of Navy captain.
  9. What should I do? Answers about the virus from Axios expertsWhat to know about social distancingQ&A: Minimizing your coronavirus risk.
  10. Other resources: CDC on how to avoid the virus, what to do if you get it.

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The renaissance of the American family

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