Trump's nicknames for the media companies he loves to bash

Sam Jayne / Axios

President Trump, along with Donald Jr. and Sarah Sanders, launched another series of attacks on the media this past week, with Trump railing at CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post on Twitter. Trump is known for his nicknames for both political competitors (Lyin' Ted Cruz, Little Marco) and his nemesis news companies.

Why it matters: As long as there has been the press, there has been tension between the White House and the media companies, but Trump's unreserved, childish attacks on specific news companies and reporters via Twitter is something new.

Here's a list of 11 media nicknames bestowed by Donald Trump.

  1. New York Times is always the "failing" New York Times.
  2. CNN used to be "Clinton News Network," but Trump now likes to refer to the network as "FNN" — Fake News Network.
  3. The Washington Post has now been dubbed "Amazon Washington Post," in a confusing tweet about internet taxes on Wednesday.
  4. The Daily Beast was called the "failing" and "money losing" Daily Beast.
  5. Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are the hosts of "low ratings" Morning Joe.
  6. Then there's "sleepy eyes" Chuck Todd at the "ratings starved" Meet the Press.
  7. The Wall Street Journal is the "dying" WSJ or the "ever-dwindling" WSJ.
  8. Then there is of course the "failing" Forbes Magazine.
  9. And the "dishonest" or "money losing" Politico.
  10. The National Review is the "dying" or the "failing" National Review.
  11. The Huffington Post (when that was their name) shares a nickname with Politico, the "money losing" Huffington Post.

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