Nov 2, 2019

What Trump uses Twitter for

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

A New York Times analysis found that over half of President Trump's more than 11,000 tweets to date have been attacks. Key stats: He has tweeted 570 attacks against immigrants and tweeted praise to dictators 132 times.

Be smart: "... some of the topics on which Mr. Trump gets the most 'likes' and retweets — jabs at the N.F.L., posts about the special counsel’s investigation, unfounded allegations of widespread voter fraud — poll poorly with the general public," per the Times.

Details: Trump has retweeted "white nationalists, anti-Muslim bigots and adherents of QAnon" among other unverified accounts, dozens of which have been suspended by Twitter. He has boasted about applause and crowd size at his events 183 times and called out news media as the “enemy of the people” 36 times.

Of note: Trump's top aides "discussed asking Twitter to impose a 15-minute delay on his account" early in his presidency, the Times reports.

  • But, aides "quickly abandoned the idea after recognizing the political peril if it the idea leaked to the press — or to their boss."

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Ahead of public impeachment hearings, Trump tweets 82 times in one day

Photo: Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images

President Trump tweeted or retweeted 82 times on Saturday while flying to and from a collegiate football game in Alabama.

Why it matters: Many of the president's tweets were fighting back against the House's impeachment inquiry into allegations that he withheld congressionally approved military aid to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political opponents. The House will hold its first public impeachment hearings this week.

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Tweet by tweet: Trump praises Trump 2,026 times

Photo: Doug Mills. Illustration: The New York Times. Used by permission.

The NY Times read all 11,390 of President Trump's White House tweets (twice), and reports these findings in a 10-page special section, with three articles online.

The big picture: "At the beginning of his presidency, Mr. Trump tweeted about nine times per day. ... In the past three months, President Trump’s tweets have spilled out at triple the rate he set in 2017."

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John Bolton claims White House refused access to his Twitter account

Former White House national security adviser John Bolton returned to Twitter on Friday with a series of cryptic posts and a claim that the White House refused to grant him access to his personal Twitter account.

Why it matters: House Democrats have sought his testimony in the ongoing impeachment inquiry because he is considered a key witness in the Ukraine investigation. While there's online speculation his tweets could be tied to that, it's also worth noting that he has a forthcoming book about his time in the Trump White House.

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