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Trump: I'd invite Putin to the White House

Carolyn Kaster / AP

On board Air Force One en route to Paris last night, President Trump held an off the record gaggle with reporters, but he changed his mind this morning allowed his remarks — on everything from Russia to the border wall to China — to be released on the record.

The big thing: Trump told reporters that he'd be willing to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to the White House at some point in the future:

"I don't think this is the right time, but the answer is yes I would. Look, it's very easy for me to say absolutely, I won't. That's the easy thing for me to do, but that's the stupid thing to do…If you don't have dialogue, you have to be fools. Fools. It would be the easiest thing for me to say... I will never speak to him, and everybody would love me. But I have to do what's right."