Trump's Tuesday surprise: 55 minutes on camera at White House

Trump sits with Sens. Dick Durbin and Jeff Flake.
Trump speaks at a bipartisan immigration meeting at the White House. Photo: Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg via Getty Images

President Trump turned what was supposed to be a closed-press bipartisan immigration meeting to a 55-minute back and forth with reporters on Tuesday. He urged lawmakers to treat a fix for Dreamers as a "bill of love."

Jonathan Swan's thought bubble: Trump holding court for so long on policy could be seen as a way of demonstrating for the cameras that he’s engaged in the policy debate and alert to the political challenges. A way of reversing the narrative from the Wolff book. I haven’t confirmed whether he vocalized that as his motivation, but a source close to the White House was quick to text me after the meeting and make that point.

Two key takeaways: There's no sign of a bipartisan deal on immigration as the next week's spending bill deadline nears. And Trump thinks he'd beat Oprah if she ran for president in 2020.