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Americans believe Google is best suited to buy TikTok's U.S. operations, according to Harris Poll data released today. Some 29% of resp0ndents named Google, edging out Microsoft with 24% and Snapchat with 22%.

Why it matters: TikTok's Chinese parent company, ByteDance, is under pressure to sell its U.S. operations or face a ban by the Trump administration. Microsoft and Walmart are working together on a bid, while Oracle is also said to be interested along with potential others.

By the numbers: Here are who respondents thought would be the best new owner for TikTok. (They could choose more than one company, so the responses add up to more than 100%.)

  1. Google (29%)
  2. Microsoft (24%)
  3. Snapchat (22%)
  4. Apple (22%)
  5. Twitter (20%)
  6. Amazon (18%)
  7. Netflix (16%)
  8. Walmart (14%)
  9. Oracle (6%) 

Our thought bubble: On one hand, it doesn't matter who consumers think would be a good fit. What matters is who — if anyone — can actually get a deal done. On the other hand, no eventual deal can succeed unless TikTok remains popular, especially with young people and influencers.

Yes, but: Negotiations over a sale have been complicated by a new Chinese law that could exclude TikTok's algorithm — seen by many as its secret sauce — from being part of a sale.

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Judge dismisses New Mexico's privacy suit against Google

Photo illustration: Soumyabrata Roy/NurPhoto via Getty Images

A U.S. district judge has dismissed New Mexico's privacy lawsuit against Google, saying the tech giant adequately meets federal guidance on complying with the Children's Online Privacy Act.

Why it matters: As a federal antitrust case looms, Google has also been fighting off legal challenges in various U.S. states as well as across the Atlantic. This victory means there's one less investigation to deal with for now.

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Coronavirus dashboard

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  1. Global: Total confirmed cases as of 8 a.m. ET: 33,396,784 — Total deaths: 1,002,628 — Total recoveries: 23,182,295Map.
  2. U.S.: Total confirmed cases as of 8 a.m. ET: 7,150,117 — Total deaths: 205,091 — Total recoveries: 2,794,608 — Total tests: 102,342,416Map.
  3. Business: Companies are still holding back earnings guidance.
  4. Health: Trump announces plan to distribute 150 million rapid tests —The childless vaccine.
  5. Media: Fauci: Some of what Fox News reports about COVID-19 is "outlandish"
  6. States: Cuomo extends New York moratorium on evictions until 2021.
  7. World: More than 1 million people have now died from coronavirus — India the second country after U.S. to hit 6 million cases.