Flashback: How the Supreme Court's Heller decision reshaped gun rights

Dick Heller wearing a hat that says "Make America Free Again."
Dick Heller, plaintiff in D.C. v Heller, at CPAC in 2018. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

A decade ago, the Supreme Court decided District of Columbia v. Heller — arguably the most important decision regarding the application of Second Amendment rights.

The big picture: The fight for stronger gun-control laws has intensified after shootings like those in Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs, and Parkland, and the Heller decision has been a focal point of court rulings regarding gun rights around the country. Since Heller, and a landmark Second Amendment case in 2010, the Supreme Court has declined to take on cases brought by gun rights activists, NPR reports. But as Justice Anthony Kennedy retires and President Trump eyes a more conservative replacement, that could change.