Pro Rata Podcast

Tax cuts may hurt Republicans in the midterms

Dan looks closer at the electoral ramifications of last year's tax cuts with Axios' Mike Allen:

"When Republicans passed their massive tax cut plan late last year, they thought it was a surefire political winner. The sort of thing that would ensure they kept the Senate and probably the House too... But we’re now less than 7 weeks out from the midterms, and Republicans are feeling whiplash."

Podcast: The scooter wars

Dan talks about how cities are cracking down on electric scooter companies, like Bird and Lime:

"Why it matters is that, until a few years ago, cities hadn’t undergone a major transportation shift since horses gave way to cars. But now those changes are coming fast and furious, from ride-hail to self-driving to scooters. And each regulatory reaction, each incremental step, could set precedent for the next change."

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