Feb 23, 2017

Senate Republican won't vote to repeal Medicaid expansion

J. Scott Applewhite / AP

Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski told Alaska lawmakers on Wednesday that she "will not support a reckless repeal process" of Obamacare, emphasizing that she would fight the repeal of Medicaid expansion β€” a key component of the health care law β€” as long as the state legislature wants to keep it, per Alaska Dispatch News.

Murkowski said that although she was concerned about the long-term cost of the expanded Medicaid program, she also recognized that it has strengthened Alaska's Native health care system and reduced the number of uninsured people visiting emergency rooms.

So as long as this Legislature wants to keep the expansion, Alaska should have that option.

Why it matters: Senate Republicans can't afford to lose votes on Obamacare repeal. If they lose three, they can't pass it.

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Fear of coronavirus pandemic escalates

Photo: Abdulgani Basheer/AFP/Getty Images

In the blink of an eye, we've entered a new phase on the coronavirus.

The big picture: Italy, Iran and South Korea are at "decisive" points in their responses, the World Health Organization said on Thursday.

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Stocks fall 4% as sell-off worsens

A trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Photo: Johannes Eisele/AFP via Getty Images

Stocks fell more than 4% on Thursday, extending the market’s worst week since the financial crisis in 2008 following a spike in coronavirus cases around the world.

The big picture: All three indices are in correction, down over 10% from recent record-highs, amid a global market rout. It's the S&P 500's quickest decline into correction territory in the index's history, per Deutsche Bank.

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