Jan 5, 2020

Samsung sets Feb. 11 for next big phone launch

Photo: Samsung

Samsung has set Feb. 11 in San Francisco as the date and place for its next Unpacked event, where it is expected to launch the next high-end Galaxy smartphone as well as a new foldable device.

Why it matters: The event is being held earlier than past Galaxy launches, and its announcement comes after the date was revealed in a leaked video. It comes in between next week's CES in Las Vegas and February's Mobile World Congress, a traditional launching point for smartphones.

  • The image in the teaser that accompanied Samsung's invitation squares with the rumors of a more square-shaped foldable phone than the current Galaxy Fold.

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Hubble telescope photographs galaxy 2.5 times wider than the Milky Way

Photo: NASA/ESA/B. Holwerda (University of Louisville)

A new photo from the Hubble Space Telescope shows off a spiral galaxy located 232 million light-years away and thought to be the largest in our known, local universe.

Why it matters: The galaxy, named UGC 2885, is about 2.5 times wider than our galaxy and contains 10 times more stars.

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What's happened so far at CES 2020

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

There will be a ton of tech news coming out of Las Vegas this week, and Axios has you covered with all the big news in one place.

The big picture: The biggest products of the year tend to be announced elsewhere, but in terms of sheer volume of consumer tech news, CES is still unmatched. For more on what to expect, check out this preview story. And check back all week for the latest from the Axios tech team.

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HBO Max will lean into mobile viewing

Photo: Consumer Technology Association

The HBO Max team is looking at ways to make the streaming service more mobile-friendly than some of its subscription video competitors.

Why it matters: If AT&T can build an app that can successfully leans into mobile, it may be able to capture an audience that Netflix and Hulu have intentionally been less focused on, at least to date.

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