Ina Fried Apr 25, 2017
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Robots have taken over at TED

Bret Hartman/TED

Robots are coming for your jobs, regardless of what Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin thinks. As evidenced on the TED stage Tuesday morning, robots are already capable of maneuvering around obstacles, trudging through snow and even getting themselves into college.

Boston Dynamics' Marc Raibert showed off his company's latest creations, inviting one on stage to autonomously bring him a soda. If that wasn't enough, the next speaker, Japanese AI expert Noriko Arai, showed off her effort to create a robot that can pass the top Tokyo university's rigorous admissions standards.

The future: Robots will soon be able to go into dangerous places, deliver packages and help take care of the elderly.

But: Robots still aren't much for human reasoning and conclusion-drawing.