Lewis in a campagin video from his election bid in 2016. Photo: jasonformn.com

CNN has unearthed audio of Minnesota Republican Jason Lewis making misogynistic comments on a radio show he hosted from 2009 to 2014, in which he lamented that men could no longer call women "sluts," and mused about women's inability to make rational voting decisions.

Why it matters: At a time when men in power across all industries are being held accountable for disparaging or disrespecting women, repercussions for Lewis are unclear. He's up for reelection in the fall, and his seat is due to be a close one. He narrowly won the seat in 2016 by two points, and it's currently listed as a "toss up" in November by Real Clear Politics.

The reactions:

  • Lewis said he stands by his statement. Speaking on a local Minnesota radio show, he argued that he "was paid to be provocative ... There's a difference between a politician and a pundit. That's why going back six years, eight years, 10 years, 15 years, misses the point. There's a different role."
  • Democratic candidate Angie Craig, who lost to Lewis in 2016 and is running against him again this fall, tweeted that the quotes are “deeply disappointing.”
  • The DCCC emailed the audio out to its supporters shortly after its release, hoping to incite support for Craig.
  • Emily’s List stated that “time and again, Jason Lewis has shown us just how little he respects or understands women."

Be smart: These comments were circulated and used against Lewis in his initial bid two years ago, but the landscape has changed significantly since then. What happens next could serve as a test of how far-reaching the #MeToo movement may shape out to be, especially for political figures.

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GM dives full-throttle into electric

GMC Hummer EV. Photo courtesy of General Motors

What has LeBron James as a pitchman, some slightly awkward promotional phrasing ("watts to freedom"), and a six-figure starting price? The electric GMC Hummer.

Driving the news: General Motors unveiled the vehicle — a reborn version of the deceased mega-guzzler — with a highly produced rollout Tuesday night that included a World Series spot. The company also began taking reservations.

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Coronavirus dashboard

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

  1. Politics: McConnell urges White House not to strike stimulus deal before election — Republican senators defend Fauci as Trump escalates attacks.
  2. Economy: Why the stimulus delay isn't a crisis (yet).
  3. Health: Studies show drop in COVID death rate — The next wave is gaining steam — The overwhelming aftershocks of the pandemic.
  4. Education: Schools haven't become hotspots.
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CEO confidence skyrockets on expectations of layoffs and wage cuts

U.S. consumers remain uncertain about the economic environment but CEOs are feeling incredibly confident, the latest survey from the Conference Board shows.

Why it matters: Confidence among chief executives jumped 19 points from its last reading in July, rising above the 50-point threshold that reflects more positive than negative responses for the first time since 2018.