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House Ag-FDA bill pulled until September

Jul 27, 2023

Illustration: Shoshana Gordon/Axios

The House Ag-FDA bill was pulled from the floor schedule on Thursday, and the House is about to head home for the August recess after this afternoon's votes.

Driving the news: The House GOP conference can't agree on several measures within the bill.

  • House Freedom Caucus members want more funding cuts and policy concessions, while moderate GOP members are balking at voting for a rider that would reverse current FDA policy on the abortion pill mifepristone.
  • Freedom Caucus members want the abortion policy included.
  • PresidentBiden has already threatened to veto the House Ag-FDA bill if it made it to his desk.

What we're watching: The Ag-FDA bill is now added to the list of another thing the House will need to get done when they return in September.

  • And if the 12 spending bills don't get passed, it's possible that Congress could be staring at a government shutdown unless lawmakers can pass a continuing resolution to avoid it.
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