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Biden threatens to veto House Ag-FDA bill

Jul 24, 2023
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Illustration: Tiffany Herring/Axios

The White House said Monday that President Biden would veto the House Ag-FDA bill if lawmakers send it to his desk.

Driving the news: The House Ag-FDA bill is set to hit the floor this week, though moderate Republicans are already balking at an anti-abortion provision that would roll back FDA policy on mifepristone.

Zoom in: The Biden administration outlined several issues that it had with the Ag-FDA bill, including:

  • The cuts in funds to the Department of Agriculture that are below the levels agreed to in the debt ceiling deal.
  • Overturning the FDA's policy of allowing for the abortion pill mifepristone to be mailed and returning to in-person dispensing requirements.
  • Prohibiting the FDA from banning menthol in cigarettes and cigars.

Yes, but: The Senate version of the Ag-FDA bill, which passed out of the Appropriations Committee with bipartisan support and little fanfare, looks quite a bit different than the House version.

  • The Senate bill would give FDA a $20 million funding increase in fiscal year 2024.
  • The House version keeps FDA funding relatively the same as FY2023 levels.
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