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Biden's climate budget tea leaves

President Biden waves as he departs to Philadelphia to discuss his budget Thursday. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

☕️ President Biden’s budget proposal has some tea leaves on what he wants next from U.S. climate policy.

Why it matters: Even though this budget request is a political document Congress will discard, it’s the opening salvo in a war with Republicans over future federal climate investments.

Details: Biden’s seeking billions more for programs intended to help American businesses and everyday citizens ditch oil, gas and coal-powered lifestyles.

  • The budget includes $11.9 billion in Energy Department spending for “clean energy” research, development, demonstration and deployment, according to a White House summary document.
  • It proposes $75 million to launch a DOE “global clean energy manufacturing effort” for working with allied nations on “an effective global response to the climate crisis.”
  • There’s also another ask for $75 million in Defense Protection Act money that DOE would spend on U.S. solar panel plants, heat pumps and other projects.

Permit money is also a priority, showing how sensitive the White House may be to the ongoing fight over federal reviews for energy projects.

  • The budget includes $181 million to support the “leasing, planning, and permitting” of solar, wind and geothermal energy projects, as well as transmission infrastructure, and $60 million to expand NOAA’s offshore wind permitting efforts.
  • The White House said it also wants authority to transfer bipartisan infrastructure funds among federal agencies “to improve efficiencies and increase capacities for environmental planning and consultation.”

What’s next: House Budget Chair Jodey Arrington told Politico on Wednesday that Republicans have “no timeline” for releasing their budget resolution and will “take weeks” to review Biden’s request.

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