Apr 11, 2019

Podcast: Republicans vs. social media

Dan and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) discuss allegations of political bias against social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which was the subject yesterday of a Capitol Hill hearing that Cruz chaired.

  • Cruz highlights several anecdotes of arguable bias, but acknowledges that he doesn't have statistical evidence of bias.
  • He and fellow Republicans want data from the platforms in order to validate or invalidate claims of political bias, including the number and partisan breakdown of blocked posts from elected office-holders.
  • Cruz didn't specifically answer if he thinks big tech companies like Amazon and Facebook should be broken up, saying his recent retweet of Elizabeth Warren was more about speech protection.
  • But he did say in yesterday's hearing that today's big tech companies are larger than were Standard Oil or AT&T when they were broken up.
  • Perhaps most importantly, Cruz said he was willing to accept blame for Texas Tech's loss on Monday night, so long as he gets credit when Texas teams win.

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Updated 1 hour ago - Health

World coronavirus updates

Data: The Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins; Map: Axios Visuals

India extended its nationwide lockdown — one of the longest-running in the world — on Saturday, as deaths and infections rise in the country, per Johns Hopkins data.

By the numbers: Nearly 6 million people have tested positive for COVID-19 worldwide and over 2.5 million have recovered from the virus. Over 367,000 people have died globally. The U.S. has reported the most cases in the world with over 1.7 million.

Updated 1 hour ago - Politics & Policy

In photos: Protesters clash with police nationwide over George Floyd

Police officers grapple with protesters in Atlanta. Photo: Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images

Police used tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray as the protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd spread nationwide on Friday evening and continued into Saturday.

The big picture: Police responded over the weekend in force, in cities ranging from Salt Lake City to Atlanta to Des Moines, Houston to Detroit, Milwaukee to Washington, D.C., Denver and Louisville. Large crowds gathered in Minneapolis on Saturday for the fourth day in a row.

Updated 2 hours ago - Science

Live updates: SpaceX launches NASA astronauts to space station

Photo: NASA TV

SpaceX just launched NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken on an historic ride to the International Space Station.

Why it matters: The launch brings crewed launches back to the U.S. for the first time in nine years, since the end of the space shuttle program.

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