North Koreans "willing to have talks" with the United States

Closing Ceremony
At the closing ceremony in Pyeongchang, Ivanka Trump stands with South Korea's President Moon. North Korean General Kim Yong Chol stands in the row behind her. Photo: Wang Zhao / AFP via Getty Images

North Korea has said it is "willing to have talks" with the United States, the Washington Post reports, citing the office of the South Korean president. The news followed an hour-long meeting between President Moon and North Korea's Olympic representative, Kim Yong Chol. North Korea also agreed that inter-Korean relations should “improve together” with North Korea-U.S. relations.

Why it matters: This suggests the possibility of a meeting between Pyongyang and Washington on the sidelines of the Olympic closing ceremonies, and comes after the North Koreans agreed to, and then canceled, a meeting with Vice President Mike Pence around the time of the opening ceremonies.