Mar 28, 2019

Dissidents accused of North Korea Embassy break-in halt operations

A Spanish judge says a violent break-in took place in the North Korean Embassy in Madrid last month. Photo: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

A dissident group accused of a commando-style break-in at the North Korean Embassy in Madrid said Thursday it had suspended operations after a judge issued arrest warrants for 2 suspects believed to be in the U.S.

Details: Cheollima Civil Defense, which wants to overthrow North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, said it took the temporary action because of speculative media reports. A Spanish judge issued international warrants for the suspected gang leader, Mexico-born U.S. resident Adrian Hong Chang, and U.S. citizen Sam Ryu, El Pais first reported.

The backdrop: The investigating judge said the group contacted the FBI days after the raid to offer stolen data. The U.S. says it had "nothing to do" with the break-in.

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Big video game conference delayed amid coronavirus concerns

Photo: GDC

Next month's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco became the latest tech event to be cancelled or postponed amid growing concerns over the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The big picture: A growing number of events are being scrapped, including Mobile World Congress and Facebook's F8 developer conference. Some, like the giant SXSW event in Austin, insist they are moving forward.

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Trump again nominates Rep. John Ratcliffe for intelligence chief

Ratcliffe at CPAC on Feb. 27. Photo: Michael Brochstein/Echoes Wire/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

President Trump again nominated Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) as Director of National Intelligence (DNI), in a tweet on Friday.

Catch up quick: If confirmed, Ratcliffe would eventually replace Richard Grenell, a staunch defender of Trump and former U.S. ambassador to Germany who was installed as the acting DNI only a few weeks ago. Grenell would have had to leave the post on March 11 unless Trump formally nominated someone else to oversee the U.S. intelligence community, the New York Times reports.

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