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No funding for border wall in latest GOP spending plan

Guillermo Arias / AP

Republican leadership in Congress is prepared to pass a spending bill that doesn't include funding for the construction of Trump's border wall, per the Washington Post. The proposal does include additional money for border security and the military.

Change of tune: The White House had originally signaled that they wouldn't agree to a funding bill that didn't allocate money for the border wall. But Sean Spicer hinted during his Tuesday press briefing that Trump would be satisfied with border security funding for now if wall funding would be revisited in September.

Trump's take: Asked if the spending plan would include funding for the wall, Trump said, "the wall is going to get built folks," adding that it would be done in his first term.

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Trump: Transgender people "disqualified" from the military

SecDef Jim Mattis and Gen. Joseph Dunford.
Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and Gen. Joseph Dunford. Photo: Andrew Harrer-Pool / Getty Images

President Trump late Friday issued an order disqualifying most transgender people from serving in the military.

"[T]ransgender persons with a history or diagnosis of gender dysphoria -- individuals who the policies state may require substantial medical treatment, including medications and surgery -- are disqualified from military service except under certain limited circumstances."

Why it matters: Anything short of an inclusive policy for transgender troops will be viewed as a continuation of the ban Trump announced on Twitter in August.

Haley Britzky 3 hours ago
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Both Bush and Obama also requested line item veto power

Donald Trump.
Photo: Mark Wilson / Getty Images

President Trump tweeted on Friday evening that to avoid having "this omnibus situation from ever happening again," he wants Congress to re-instate "a line-item veto."

Why it matters: This would allow him to veto specific parts of a bill without getting rid of the entire thing. Trump was deeply unhappy with the $1.3 trillion spending bill approved by Congress early Friday morning, but signed it anyway on Friday afternoon.