Jun 30, 2017

Axios PM

By Mike Allen
Mike Allen
Today in the Morning Joe feud with Trump

A rapid rundown today's developments in the Trump-Morning Joe feud that's dominated the media elite's attention for the past 36 hours...

  • Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski published a WaPo op-ed claiming Trump lied about his claims of Mika bleeding from a face lift, adding that White House officials warned they would be the subjects of a National Enquirer story unless they begged Trump to call it off.
  • On the TV side, Morning Joe got the day rolling with on-air bashing of Trump, including guest Donny Deutsch calling the president a "vulgar pig" who is "physically disgusting" and Scarborough recounting a phone call with a congressman who said Trump was "vicious."
  • Trump fired back on Twitter, claiming Scarborough actually called him about that National Enquirer article.
  • Scarborough came right back at Trump, claiming he had receipts, and asking Trump: "Why do you keep lying about things that are so easily disproven? What is wrong with you?"
  • New York Magazine and the Daily Beast reported that Jared Kushner was the White House figure Scarborough mentioned. A source familiar with the interactions strongly disputed to Axios that there was any 'quid pro quo' offered and said Kushner told Scarborough that he wasn't the person to deal with it and he should take it up with the President.
  • Fox News cited White House officials to claim that it was Scarborough who reached out to Kushner, asking how he could get the article spiked.
  • Finally, Joe and Mika told Vanity Fair that Trump begged her to disclose the name of her doctor: "The irony of it all is that Donald kept saying, 'That's incredible. You can't even tell. Who did it? Who did it?' He kept asking for the name of the doctor. He literally asked 10 times. 'Is he down here? Who is he?'"

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What you missed
  1. Concerns of "voter suppression": Trump's Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity asked all 50 states and D.C. to turn over voter data. The states leading the resistance.
  2. Marine Le Pen under the gun: The former French presidential candidate faces charges over her use of EU parliament funds.
  3. "Repeal, then replace" isn't happening: At least according to senior GOP Senate aides, who were quick to shoot down the president's latest health care tweet. Rundown.
  4. How to prevent the next Binary Capital: Investors who back VC funds are worried about Valley culture. Dan Primack with the details.
  5. Those foreign investment $s: A significant majority of the 656,000 new manufacturing jobs created between 2010 and 2014 can be attributed to investment from countries like Japan, the U.K., and Germany. Chart.
1 grim stat

More U.S. mothers die in childbirth than in any other developed country. The rundown.

Mike Allen