Aug 30, 2019

Axios PM

By Mike Allen
Mike Allen

Good afternoon: Today's PM — the last of the *true* summer — was edited by Justin Green and clocks in at 454 words, a 2 minute read.

Situational awareness: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's account was hacked, posting racist messages before the company regained control. Go deeper.

1 big thing: All eyes on Florida

Photo: Michele Eve Sandberg/AFP/Getty Images

Hurricane Dorian keeps looking worse for Florida, with 10 million people in harm's way on a busy Labor Day weekend, the AP reports.

The big picture: If Dorian makes landfall as a Category 4, it'll be the biggest since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

  • The storm has intensified to a Category 3 and is expected to be a Category 4 when making landfall Monday or early Tuesday.
  • Uncertainty on landfall makes evacuating harder: “Sometimes if you evacuate too soon, you may evacuate into the path of the storm if it changes,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said.
  • Weather Channel expert Rick Knabb warns: "Possibility of very slow-moving #Dorian spending way too much time over major metros in Florida. Major hurricane? Bad. Also a slow mover over densely populated areas? Worst kind of hurricane."

A very 2019 footnote: Miami "has told all rental services to get their [electric scooters] off the streets ... lest they fly perilously through the air when Dorian reaches land," reports Bloomberg.

What's next: The Bahamas face Dorian's wrath this weekend, the National Hurricane Service notes.

  • "Hurricane conditions are possible in the northwestern Bahamas by Sunday, with tropical storm conditions possible by Saturday night or Sunday morning."
  • "A life-threatening storm surge will raise water levels by as much as 10 to 15 feet above normal tide levels in areas of onshore winds in the northwestern Bahamas."
  • Per WashPost: "The storm surge will be exacerbated by naturally occurring astronomical high tides, which are some of the highest of the year this weekend into early next week."
Bonus: Pic du jour
Photo: Victor R. Caivano

A lush forest sits next to a field of charred trees in Vila Nova Samuel, Brazil.

2. What you missed
  1. A military judge has set a trial date for five men accused of helping to carry out the 9/11 attacks — including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Go deeper.
  2. Google has agreed to pay a $150-$200 million fine to the FTC for violating children's online privacy laws via YouTube, Politico reports.
  3. Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu told French President Emmanuel Macron "this is not the time" to arrange a summit between Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Go deeper.
3. 1 parks thing
Janice Goodwin stands by her electric-assist bicycle at a gate near the start of the carriage path system inside Acadia National Park in Maine. Photo: David Sharp/AP

Controversy for Getaway Day: A new Trump administration order will allow e-bikes on every federal trail where a regular bike can go, the AP reports.

  • The case for them: E-bikes “make bicycle travel easier and more efficient, and they provide an option for people who want to ride a bicycle but might not otherwise do so because of physical fitness, age, disability or convenience,” said National Park Service Deputy Director P. Daniel Smith.
  • The case against: “If you’re hiking on a trail in Utah and you’re rounding a bend and something’s coming at you at 20 mph, that really changes the experience,” said Kristen Brengel of the National Parks Conservation Association.
Mike Allen