Oct 14, 2019

Axios PM

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Situational awareness: President Trump is increasing sanctions, as well as halting trade negotiations, on Turkey after they called his bluff on invading Syria. The tweets.

1 big thing: The changing America

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Many of you aren't working right now because of Columbus Day, the federal holiday that's instead being celebrated as Indigenous Peoples Day in Washington, D.C.

The big picture: Roughly 10 states and 100+ U.S. cities observe some version of Indigenous Peoples Day this month.

  • Native American advocates have been working since the early 1990s to get states to make the swap, the AP reports.

From today: Columbus statues in San Francisco and Providence, Rhode Island, were vandalized with red paint, CNN reports.

  • "Vandals had chained a sign to the base of the statue that said 'Stop Celebrating Genocide' and spray painted the word 'Genocide' on the monument."

What they're saying:

  • "It's about celebrating people instead of thinking about somebody who actually caused genocide on a population or tried to cause the genocide of an entire population," Baley Champagne, tribal citizen of the United Houma Nation, told NPR.
  • "While Columbus Day affirms the story of a nation created by Europeans for Europeans, Indigenous Peoples Day emphasizes Native histories and Native people — an important addition to the country’s ever-evolving understanding of what it means to be American," writes historian Malinda Maynor Lowery.
  • The other side: "By renaming the holiday Indigenous People’s Day, they have decided to emphasize the sorrier aspects of Western colonization and conquest of the Americas rather than its virtues," writes Washington Post columnist Henry Olsen.
2. Pic du jour, USA
Photo: Smiley N. Pool/The Dallas Morning News via AP

A large crowd of protesters, including a man carrying an upside-down American flag, gather outside the house where Atatiana Jefferson was shot and killed by police on Saturday.

  • The Fort Worth police officer who shot and killed Jefferson in her own home resigned just hours before he was set to be fired. Go deeper.
Bonus: Pic du jour, China
Photo: Billy H.C. Kwok/Getty Images

Hong Kong demonstrators wave U.S. flags during a rally in support of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.

3. What you missed
  1. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Lindsey Graham are teaming up for a bipartisan effort against Trump's decision to withdraw U.S. troops from northern Syria. Go deeper.
  2. WeWork doesn't have enough money to finish out 2019, and both of its known bailout options — sell control to SoftBank, or let J.P. Morgan arrange a massive debt package — are nightmarish. Go deeper.
  3. NBC News president Noah Oppenheim sent a memo to staff defending the company against allegations in Ronan Farrow's new book, "Catch and Kill." Go deeper.
  4. The trucking industry reportedly saw a 68% increase in the number of female drivers between the years 2010 and 2018. Go deeper.
4. 1 fun thing

Photo: Thomas Rockall Muus/Carlsberg via AP

Danish brewer Carlsberg is joining Coca-Cola, Swedish vodka maker Absolut, and makeup group L’Oreal to develop paper bottles made from sustainably sourced wood fibers, the AP reports.

  • The big picture: The prototypes are part of the company’s efforts to have zero carbon emissions at its breweries and reduce by 30% the carbon footprint across its value chain by 2030.