Jul 30, 2019

California governor signs law targeting Trump's tax returns, ballot eligibility

2020 candidates must release tax returns to appear on California primary ballot. Photo: Chen Mengtong/China News Service/VCG/Getty Images

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law on Tuesday requiring all presidential and gubernatorial candidates to release their 5 most recent years' worth of tax returns in order to appear on the state's primary ballot.

Why it matters: The move makes California the first state to demand the disclosure from candidates, according to reporter Yashar Ali. If a contender refuses, they will not be included on the primary ballot. The law was passed in hopes of pressuring President Trump to make his filings public — a battle House Democrats and other states have thus far failed to win.

The law will not impact a candidate's ability to be listed on the ballot in the general election.

The big picture: Trump could continue to avoid sharing his personal finances by opting out of the California primary next March.

  • The AP writes: "[H]e likely won’t need California’s delegates to win the Republican nomination." Currently, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld is Trump's only GOP challenger.
  • Already, 10 2020 Democrats have provided their tax disclosures.

Reality check: Trump only won 31.5% of the votes in California in the 2016 election. He is unlikely to win the left-leaning state in the 2020 general election regardless of the new law.

What's next: The law is expected to be challenged in court. The president's personal attorney Jay Sekulow wrote, "the State of California’s attempt to circumvent the Constitution will be answered in court," per Politico.

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Trump, RNC sue California over election law to release tax returns

Photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

President Trump, his 2020 campaign and the RNC sued California Tuesday over its law that requires presidential and gubernatorial candidates to release their 5 most recent years' tax returns before they can appear on the state's primary ballot.

The big picture: The California law directly challenges Trump's continued refusal to release his tax returns, but the lawsuits argue it violates the Constitution by creating an extra requirement to become president.

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Consumer groups seek to defend California data privacy law

A collection of consumer groups has written a letter to California lawmakers urging them to keep the strong protections in a state law due to take effect next year.

Why it matters: The California law, if left largely as is, could usher in a range of new consumer protections. However, direct marketers and tech companies, working through various entities, have been seeking to water down the law.

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Deutsche Bank has Trump's tax records sought by House Democrats

President Donald Trump speaks to reporters at the White House in Washington, D.C. Photo: Mandel Ngan/ AFP/Getty Images

Deutsche Bank confirmed in a letter Tuesday that it has tax returns subpoenad by House Democrats seeking financial information on President Trump and his family.

The big picture: The disclosure was filed in response to an appeals court order amid a legal battle between Congress and the president over access to Trump’s business records, per the Washington Post. The court is considering a request by Trump to block access to financial records at the German bank and Capital One Financial Corp., Bloomberg notes. The bank’s public redacted response does not identify its client by name.